The deep pulse of Africa may not be apparent as soon as you land in this ancient continent but before long you will feel it as a sense of timeless peace takes over and yet carries with it a strongly vibrant awareness of life. Time is measured by the sun here. Dawn is an event, a joyous celebration of a new day while dusk brings a lingering melancholy before the sudden fall of night and its own busy secrets. The gentle breeze is redolent of exotic scents and spices unique to each area, telling of the people and wildlife that have passed before.

Africa has something for every taste: The wide open grasslands and teeming wildlife of the Tanzanian or Kenyan bush, the original game walks through Zambian indigenous woodland, canoe trips down mighty African rivers or makoros rides in Okavango wetland, face to face meetings with the San people of Botswana, helping build schools or houses in rural communities, the vibrancy of African cities or the elegance of Cape winelands, standing before the unparalleled magnificence of the world famous Victoria Falls.

Africa is a perfect family destination with her appeal crossing generational boundaries. With a range of accommodations of exceptionally high standard from quaint bed and breakfast to 5 star luxury safari lodges and everything in between, coupled with the variety of country experiences, there truly is something for everyone.

Africa places herself in a very favorable light for the American tourist with many more convenient flights and custom tours that reflect the African desire for you to visit their lands. And you’ll be met with friendly smiles, welcome hand-shakes and hospitality from carefully trained staff that will ensure a vacation of memories that will beg to be repeated.

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