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Lazy Lizard Travel often brings a smile and I’m frequently asked what the story is behind the name.

I’ve always had the “travel bug” badly, so it seemed poetic to choose some kind of creature and the lizard was just the obvious choice.  I always seek the sunniest patch wherever I find myself. I love to bask. And I love to watch and observe.  And just like the lizard can change (especially the chameleon) to suit his surroundings – I can too! I can don pith helmet and explore like the best of adventurers but you might also find me dressed to the nines, champagne glass in hand and enjoying opening night at the ballet.

The next best thing to experiencing that all myself is to send others to enjoy it, and so our selective travel agency was born.  We look forward to helping you plan your next trip of adventure, curiosity and refreshment.


101 Painted Fall Way

Cary, NC 27513

All photographs on the site belong to owner or are used by permission, with thanks to WR Bainbridge and T Roberts. 


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