Europe and the United Kingdom are favorite destinations with their unique blend of cultures and history.  The Mediterranean is especially appealing with its image of sparkling waters, golden sunshine and long, leisurely meals enjoyed outdoors.

The quintessential “coming of age” tour of the continent is once again an American favorite! The historical lands of Europe continue to fascinate and draw visitors to experience not only the ancestry but its music, museums, art galleries, sports, wine, cuisine and culture. The peoples with their strong national pride, their very different languages and foods, cities built of stone on ancient waterways and travelers’ routes of centuries past, castles and kings, are all to be found on the continent.

Cruising the shores of Europe and through the Mediterranean is a wonderful way to get a taste of all this area has to offer and most of the costs are all pre-paid in US$, making it an easy vacation to budget.

The tours and packages that are available today are another great way to make the dollar go further and to indulge in some quality time exploring the past and present in Europe.  The exceptional European rail system makes transport efficient and affordable while allowing you to easily experience more than one country during a visit.  A more leisurely and unique way of enjoying the heart and essence of the countries of Britain, France, Germany and the Netherlands is to travel on inland waterways.  The choice runs from luxury river ships to comfortable private barges.  What better way to get to know the real Europeans?

The countries of Spain, Italy and Ireland too are especially eager to invite us to explore their very different lands with some attractive tours and package deals created to entice and intrigue.

Whether its family roots, ancestral homes, a fascination with royalty, a desire to taste authentic cuisine, explore ancient villages, we can help you put together just the trip to make sure you enjoy the best vacation ever!

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